How to play - A great place for beginners to learn the rules of the game.

Go In Australia & Sydney - The Australian Go Association - The Australian Go Journel

Where to buy go equipment and books - An Australian importer of go books and go equipment. - A publisher of many great go books. - The publisher of the "Learn to Play Go" series of books. - An US-based publisher of go books. - Another US-based publisher of go books.

Go news and information - A great wiki-based source of information about the game of go. - A source of go news and a very large repository of tournament games from around the world.

Go problems - A collection of fun go problems, useful for training and honing your skills. - A nice collection of go problems.

Places to play online - A great go server with many nice features. - Another go server with many English-speaking players.

Regular go articles - English language go articles from the newspaper with the largest circulation in the world. - English language go articles from a Korean newspaper.