About The UNSW Go Club

The UNSW Go Club aims to promote the game of go and spread the joy and wonder of this beautiful game. The club was founded in 2005 by a group of UNSW students who shared a mutual love of the game. We are based at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. We hold regular playing sessions throughout the year and give lessons to beginners and intermediates.

About The Game of Go

Go is an ancient board game popular in many countries around the world, and is especially popular in China, where it is known as weiqi (圍棋,围棋), Japan, where it is known as igo (囲碁), and Korea, where it is known as baduk (바둑). It is the oldest board game in the world still widely played today, and also the most difficult, beautiful, and profound board game in existence. It takes mere minutes to learn the rules of go, but the simplicity if its rules belies the incredible depth of its gameplay, as it often takes an ardent player many years to develop even a basic understanding of the astounding intricacies underlying its gameplay. Go is also one of the world's most prestigious board games, with hundreds of domestic and international tournaments in Asia, some with very substantial prize money funds. Many of the most important tournament games are broadcast on television channels and covered in newspapers.


The UNSW Go Club is affiliated with the Sydney City Go Club. The Sydney City Go Club has meeting every Friday evening from 5pm at Surry Hills (Philas House, 17 Bribane St). Please contact Robert Vadas by email on ravadas@yahoo.com if you wish to obtain more information.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is currently free, feel free to drop in to one of our regular sessions and check us out.

Contacting Us

To contact the UNSW Go Club, please send email to info@unswgoclub.org.